Water Birth

Water Birth Benefits

  •  Relaxation for the mother

  • Pain Management- less or no need for medical intervention

  • Water creates support and equal pressure on all parts of a woman’s body

  • Less energy used when birthing in water, less pain, less anxiety for mother and baby

  • Water birth seems to result in lower adrenalin (fight or flight response) levels resulting in better oxytocin and oxygen flow to the mother, increased blood supply to the uterus. As a result contractions are more efficient

  • An improved blood supply to the placenta during water birth also improves the unborn baby’s oxygen levels

  • Water results in a small decrease in the mothers blood pressure

  • The mother can find a comfortable position more efficiently and ease the descent of the baby through the birth canal

  • Water provides flexibility

  • Birth from water into water is a gentle transition for the baby

  • There is less risk of tearing and skin tissue trauma to mother and less risk of tissue trauma to baby

  • Water birth is an extremely gentle birth method for mother and baby

  • Water can make pushing easier

  • The buoyancy of water means the baby does not have to be turned or twisted to deliver the shoulders in most cases

  • Birthing in the water provides the baby with almost the exact replica of the womb environment- wet, warm, weightless and gentle

  • Cleanup of a water birth can be very easy with little mess

  • The mother can easily move positions to find one most comfortable for herself with each contraction

  • The mother feels less pressure on the abdomen and uterus with contractions