Office Personnel

Roberta Frank, CNM, Facility Clinical Director, Best Start Birth Center

I’m a native of Southern California in the coastal communities. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Nursing in 1968 from SDSU, and went on to get my certificate in Midwifery in 1978 from UCSD. I was married over 4 decades to my late husband Bill Frank and have 3 grown children. I became a midwife because the hospital birth of my first child didn’t meet my expectations in regards to the quality of care given to me. I believed then, as I do now, that birth is a joyous miracle and that the care given to mothers and babies should reflect that belief. I have home birth and birth center experience spanning over 3 decades. One of the greatest moments in my career was being able to attend the birth of my first grandson at Best Start and witness from my daughter’s perspective, the satisfaction of care she received. While medical interventions are sometimes necessary, most of the time birth is a healthy non-medical event. My intent is to provide individualized care that honors both the mother and her loved ones based on their personal needs.

Dulce Negrete, Billing Manager

I have known since my freshman year in high school that I wanted to be in the health care field and got my certificate as a Medical Assistant right after high school. I am married to my Jr. High School Sweetheart and have one daughter who I absolutely adore! I have been at Best Start Birth Center since 2005. I started out at the front and back office. Now I am the Billing Manager. You may also see me assisting as a birth assistant on occasion when we are really busy. I love working in this home-like, peaceful, and loving environment. Since coming to Best Start, I have enjoyed every day at work.

Alexandra Lopez, Medical Assistant

I plan on becoming a Birth Assistant later on in the future. I love working here. I love the environment and being able to help moms throughout their birthing experience. I don’t have any kids of my own yet but I would definitely consider Best Start as my primary option. I look forward to helping you and your family on your special journey!

Evelyn Aguilar, Medical Assistant

I love my job here at Best Start, I enjoy  assisting women in all their pregnancy care and needs. I’m blessed with a beautiful family that supports me in all things. I’m planning to go back to school and become a registered nurse and be able to continue to grow here at the birth center.

Antonia Damien, Facility Maintenance Coordinator

I’ve been working at the Birth Center since January 2000. I am a mother of four. In addition to keeping our facility clean and welcoming for all expectant mothers, I also do outreach in the community, introducing the birth center to people who do not know of its existence. I love my job and my co-workers and am grateful for the opportunity to work at Best Start Birth Center.

Karen Roslie, Executive Director, CPPM

Born and raised in coastal San Diego, I feel an incredible pride and passion for being a part of Best Start Birth Center, the longest established state licensed and nationally accredited freestanding birth center in California. My wish is for all women and their loved ones to have a place to celebrate the miracle of normal birth in the manner they choose, without unnecessary and often unsafe, medical interventions. My hope for all persons who find their way to us is that they receive the same support, nurturing environment, and exceptional quality of care that we did with the birth of our son, (born at Best Start in January of 2003, Super Bowl weekend). My vision is that birth centers such as Best Start, will eventually become the norm, providing pleasant surroundings and beautiful outcomes while honoring the individual needs of each family member, thus creating a gentler world one birth at a time.