Our Midwives

Shari Stone-Ulrich, MSN, CNM, Clinical Director

Erina Angelucci, MSN, CNM

Brooke Ray, M.S., CNM

Sarah Khorram, M.S., CNM

Joanna Bronkema, MS, NP, CNM

Rosanne Gephart, CNM, NP, IBCLC

Nancy Baird, LM CPM

Birth Assistants

Kaydee Welchons


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Kaydee’s job at BSBC is to embrace each mother as she enters a time of profound change and wonder unique to every women in every delivery and season. Pulling from 7 years of attending births, in a wide range of roles, Kaydee is able to provide knowledgeable support, assistance and care to the mother, family and midwife. Kaydee is a home birth baby catcher herself as a Licensed Midwife since 2014 and has attended over 250 births.

Sophia Shen

LM, CPM, Arvigo® Therapist

I’m native Chinese from Hong Kong.  My passion to serve women originates from overcoming many of my own challenges.  My mother was new to Hong Kong when she gave birth to me. Even though she is Chinese and was married, she didn’t speak the local dialect and was still very alone in many ways.  As one thing led to another, my parents didn’t get to hold me until I was a week old, and I was never breastfed.  As an adult, I faced physical and emotional issues.  Fortunately, I never gave up hope.  I learned about the existence of traditional midwifery in 2008, and the rest was history.  I deeply believe that “peace on Earth begins with birth”.  My wish is to guide women through their journeys and protect the normalcy of pregnancy and birth. I’m grateful to Best Start for allowing me be part of the team, and I look forward to meeting you at your birth!

Sarah Burns


After witnessing a homebirth in 2007, I knew that I wanted to support women and their families during pregnancy and birth. I completed my DONA training and began my doula career shortly after. I’ve been a doula since March 2008, and my love for serving women and familes has continued to grow. I graduated from Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery with high honors in 2016, and I am now a Certified Professional Midwife licensed to practice midwifery in California. It is such a privilege to care for families during this transformative time. I truly enjoy helping woman have safe and satisfying birth experiences.

Rachel Flores


Rachel has been attending births since 2002. She is a graduate of Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery and is a local Midwife. She teaches HypnoBirthing in Carlsbad and Poway. She is a Placenta Preparation Specialist and also provides labor & birth support as a Monitrice. She is passionate in her abilities to encourage, educate, and empower families throughout their journeys into parenthood. She’s dedicated her life’s work to helping parents make their birthing experience everything they wish it to be.