Here’s answers to some of the most commonly asked questions at Best Start Birth Center.

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What is Best Start Birth Center?

Best Start is the longest established state-licensed, nationally accredited, free-standing birth center in Southern California. That means we are not part of a hospital or HMO. It is a private practice operated by midwives. We refer clients for physician if needed, but the physicians do not practice in the birth center. Midwives attend all of the births in the birth center.

What do you do here?

Best Start provides prenatal care, birth, recovery, post-partum care, well-woman care, and contraceptives for our clients. Our birth center has comfortably decorated private birth suites with private attached bathrooms. Best Start features large tubs for water births, essential oils- diffused into the air, or massaged onto the skin. (Best Start offers a variety of oils for use for a minimal charge), birthing balls, birthing stools, and other items that provide comfort and allow the laboring woman to find a position that is most suitable for her during her labor and delivery. We also work with our moms to find doula support, (for those who seek this), and other therapeutic resources which aid relaxation and emotional balance, relieve stress, and promote effective labor.

Do I qualify to birth at the birth center?

  1. No underlying medical conditions and no previous cesareans. (Under certain circumstances, women with a previous cesarean section who are planning to deliver in the hospital may get prenatal care at the birth center).

  2. A positive drug screening test would result in disqualification to give birth at the Birth Center.

  3. BMI (Body Mass Index) should be below 40. Calculate your BMI.

  4. One baby, Head down by the time labor begins. We handle only single pregnancies; multiples require more monitoring. Most babies turn and stay head down around 32-34 weeks, but some take their time. As long as baby is head down by the time labor begins, you are still qualified to birth at Best Start

    * If you have a concern about whether or not you are low risk, please speak to our clinical director.