At Best Start Birth Center, you may choose to birth in the water, in the bed, standing, squatting, on the birth stool, on the edge of the toilet, or wherever is safe.

We believe that when done safely, water birth is a beneficial mode of birth for mother and baby through relaxation and a reduction in the need for medical intervention. The American College of Nurse-Midwives and evidence-based practice research also supports the safety of labor and birth in the water. Here are some benefits:

  • Relaxation for the mother due to warm water muscle relaxation and less pressure on the abdomen and uterus with contractions
  • Pain management: less or no need for medical intervention
  • Water creates support and equal pressure on all parts of a woman’s body
  • Less energy used, less pain, less anxiety for mother and baby
  • Lower adrenaline (fight or flight response) levels, which theoretically results in better oxytocin and oxygen flow to the mother, increased blood supply to the uterus. As a result, contractions can be more efficient.
  • Small decrease in the mothers blood pressure
  • The mother can find a comfortable position more efficiently relax the pelvic floor to ease the descent of the baby through the birth canal
  • Birth from water into water is a gentle transition for the baby as it is almost an exact replica of the womb environment: wet, warm, weightless and gentle
  • Reduced risk of severe tearing and skin tissue trauma to mother
  • The mother can easily move positions to find one most comfortable for herself with each contraction