SAFETY & Statistics

2016 Triple Aim Best Practices Achievement Recipient

2015 ACNM Best Practice

2012-2014 Best Start participated in this Strong Start Study Outcome

Average Number of births per month: 15

Transfer Rate 2016: 12%

C-section rate 2016: 2%

Biggest Baby: 12lbs. 2oz boy (7/31/03)

Most Deliveries in 24 hrs: 5 (10/13/04)

Episiotomies: 2012-1; 2013-0; 2014-1; 2015- 0

Record # of Babies without transfer: 36 (10/27/08 to 12/14/08)

Father’s Day: 3 baby girls were born! 6/18/06

Most Births in 1 month: 28 (12/08); 29 (02/14)

Most Births in 24 hrs: 5 (10/3/04, 9/29/08, 2/5/14)

Two Births one minute apart: 12/30/09 and 2/13/14

Most Births/time: 3 births/45 minutes (7/16/05)

Most New Clients in 1 month: 59 (05/06)

Most Clients Due in 1 month: 44 (03/14)

Leap Year Babies: 2/29/04; 2/29/16

Valentine’s Day: 2 baby girls were born! 2/14/16

Fathers Day: 3 boys and 1 girl were born! 6/18/17

Breast feeding at birth (early postpartum)

100% Best Start Birth Center
75% Healthy People 2010 Target
58.9% San Diego County
73.8% United States

Exclusive Breastfeeding at 6 months

89% Best Start Birth Center
50% Healthy People 2010 Target
14.2% San Diego County
41.5% United States

Exclusive Breastfeeding at 12 months

65% Best Start Birth Center
25% Healthy People 2010 Target
In 2007, Best Start Birth Center participated in the Center for Disease Control’s PINC Survey of Maternity Care Practices and Infant Feeding. Over 2,500 facilities participated. The composite score for the birth center was 98 out of a possible high score of 100. We placed in the 99th percentile for facilities in the Nation and State of California having less than 250 births per year. This means that we are performing better than 99% of all of these facilities. A particularly interesting observation is that the Best Start Birth Center is able to achieve this stellar rank simply by having the staff and environment that supports normal birth and postpartum behaviors for the mother, baby, and family. In other words, all we do is respect the mom and her baby and trust them to be healthy and behave in ways to promote their own health. If hospitals could do the same, outcomes in the US would improve across the board. You can go to to see more about the survey.
Roberta Frank, CNM Best Start Birth Center, Clinical Director, (President of the Board)

Primary Cesarean rate – (a woman’s first delivery by cesarean)

3.1% Best Start Birth Center
15% Healthy People 2010 Target
26.3% San Diego County
20.3+% United States
(Total C-section rate for US in 2012 was 32.8%)