best start birth centerBest Start Birth Center in San Diego is a driving force for improved quality outcomes regarding utilizing nutritional evidence for improved birth outcomes. We are proud to have been part of a progressive study regarding Vitamin D research. (

We partnered with San Diego based non-profit Grassroots Health focusing on vitamin D research, with a specific interest in implementing vitamin D research into practice. We are very enthusiastic to say that the results based on nutritional evidence from the prenatal project done by Grassroots Health have been published including data generated from Best Start Birth Center!

Study data led to a new standard of care for prenatal patients at a large high-risk hospital. Vitamin D testing and supplementation for all pregnant women and education for both the doctors and the patients was implemented. Results from that quality improvement project showed a 40-60% decreased risk in preterm birth, validating previous trials that had very similar findings — it’s very exciting to say with certainty that something safe and inexpensive can make such a difference in the lives of babies and families!  This study shows that better nutrition leads to improved birth outcomes. It would be great if this program could reach moms in all states. Vitamin D testing and supplementation of pregnant women is a safe, affordable prevention tool that could substantially reduce the occurrence of preterm birth and the heavy burden of associated morbidity, mortality, and economic costs. We are delighted to have been part of this research study. We believe in the power of evidence, and strive to provide the “best” evidence-based care. As the first state-licensed and nationally accredited birth center in California, we are continuously pushing for quality care for all.

Best Start midwives are committed to researching healthy choices for better outcomes for moms and babies.