Best Start Birth Center: This adorable baby was born at Best Start Birth Center: Welcome Noah!

Best Start Birth Center: This adorable baby was born at Best Start Birth Center: Welcome Noah!

To make a long story short we arrived at Best Start at 2:30pm, Noah was born at 2:34pm. It was a surreal experience. For all the months of preparing- reading, prenatal yoga, online videos and research, discussions, classes- and dreaming of him it seemed there should have been more to his arrival. It was an amazing and humbling experience.

We are the parents of 3 beautiful children- 11 year old boy, 2 year old girl and 6 week old Noah. The first two children were hospital births. Our first was induced due to being ‘past due’ Pitocin and epidural in a military hospital- uncomfortable and cold. Our daughter was born at Mary Birch, we thought we were being proactive by taking a weekend birth education course offered by the hospital and we each read a book on pregnancy. The hospital makes it very easy to place all the responsibility on the staff and make ourselves believe all we had to do was show up. As much as I wanted an all natural birth I gave in to the call of the epidural.

Noah’s birth was different from the start, we wanted to play an active role in his arrival and the entire pregnancy. Best Start exceeded our expectations. The staff and midwives are like fairy godmothers offering guidance and assistance on all subjects and matters. I have never felt more supported or empowered. From the front desk staff to the excellent and intimate education class that focused on the parents wants and needs we could not have asked or wished for anything more.

Surges (contractions) began Dec 13th around 11pm beginning at 10 mins apart and light on the ouch scale. The next morning I knew he would be coming that day surges became much more regular and stronger but still nothing to be alarmed about. When I reached 5 minutes apart-I still felt good, surges still bearable, no mucus plug, water still intact- I phoned the midwife on duty, Arena, to inform her of my status. She very calmly and nonchalantly inquired about how I was feeling which caught me by surprise as I awaiting for her ask me to rush in and I all I wanted was to have lunch and get a nap she supported my decision.

When I awoke from my nap something was different, I got up from bed and felt something between my legs my first thought was mucus plug but when I made my way to the bathroom my water sac was peeking out- the surges at this point took my breath and I had to talk and rock myself through them (as we were taught in class). I immediately phoned Arena and informed her it was time as I prepared myself my water broke. The 15 minute car ride to Best Start was the worst of it. The surges were strong, it was extremely uncomfortable to be seated or lying back, my mind was racing for a split moment the hospital and drugs sounded really good but then I would get a break from the surge and all was fine- all I had to do was handle one surge at a time needless to say that was the longest drive of my life. Erina greeted us at the door, we were ready to push, she asked us how we would like to bring our baby into the world (there was no time to fill the tub) I threw out several positions that I had learned but Noah chose standing/ squatting with dad as support. Dad had always been benched and left feeling useless on the sidelines but this birth he had a leading role, bringing us closer. I began to panic when I felt Noah coming but Arena created such a serene environment that he came with such ease and peace.

The short time we stayed after his birth was much like a stay at an exclusive bed and breakfast. We were all comfortable and well cared for. I appreciated that the education and guidance does not stop at the birth of your child. We have a special place in our heart and lives for the women of Best Start. I cannot help but share my wonderful experience as I am so proud of the journey and grateful to have found such a great support system.

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