Birth of Baby Aniya

My birth experience started on a Friday night, we had friends over so I didn’t feel any contractions, our friends left at about 1am and at 2:15am my water broke I called the birth center and Roberta asked questions about my water breaking and my contractions. I told her they weren’t that painful and about 10 minutes apart lasting for only a few seconds, then about 4:45am the contractions became more intense, I called Roberta again and she said to come on in to the birth center. At 5:15am when my husband and I got to the birth center I was dilated to 3 centimeters and Roberta asked if I wanted to go into a room and get comfortable. I said no and remained in the waiting room until 6am when other nurses arrived to help Roberta since it was a busy night. I then went into the back room and got into the tub and at 7:35am my daughter was starting to crown and at 7:41am she was born 6lbs 9oz and 17in. My experience at the birth center was calm and relaxing since I didn’t have to worry about different people coming in to check on me. While in labor, it was just my husband, Kristina, and Roberta. After my daughter was born I was relieved to know that she would not leave my presence at all since we were both healthy. I will definitely return to Best Start Birth Center in the future if I am still in San Diego and will refer all my friends here in San Diego to Best Start. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Best Start! I will be bringing my daughter, (born January 5 2008) to Best Start so that everybody can see her as she grows!

Thank you to Best Start and Staff for making my daughter’s birth comfortable and warm feeling. My entire pregnancy I felt comfortable knowing that I was in good hands and well taken care of. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Knowing that every month I would go to my appointment to such friendly and caring people who feel more like family was so comforting. I will always be grateful for taking such great care of us and will always recommend Best Start to friends and family. I would do it all over again if I had to and if I have another child will choose Best Start before I would a hospital. Thank you for all your loving care, Roberta, Kel, Yessenia, Dulce, Matea, and Kristina.
Sincerely, Aaron, Lorri, and Aniya

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