Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support at Best Start

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support at Best Start Best Start help new parents acclimate to bringing baby home. Focus: breastfeeding and pospartum support!

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support Group: 

  • Those who are breastfeeding, planning or considering breastfeeding
  • Those who are experienced and desire to meet other breastfeeding moms
  • Those with past breastfeeding problems who wish to avoid future problems
  • Those with new babies looking for ideas and support now

When:  Check Our Calendar

Where:  Best Start Birth Center Classroom, 3630 Enterprise St.

For more information or to RSVP call: 619-299-0840 (option 4)

New Parent Support Group:


“Childbirth is memorable and beautiful event in family life. Best Start knows the value of having a birth that is centered on the wishes and needs of the mother and her dear ones.”


With a brand new location that just opened in January of this year, Best Start Birth Center is excited to keep providing new moms and families with the care and expertise required during childbirth. Since we opened in 1989, Best Start has served countless of San Diego families, and two years ago we surpassed 5,000 healthy and happy newborn babies delivered!

We have been open long enough to see generations of families come through their doors.  Moms or dads who were born at Best Start bring their spouses to the birth center and have their baby in the same room they were born in.  While the room locations may be different at this new space, the experience and service is still the same high quality.


Owner and founder Roberta is a certified nurse midwife who has experienced childbirth in a hospital and at home with a midwife herself. She yearned to share the starkly contrasting beautiful experience of birth with a midwife versus at a regular hospital. Word of mouth in the community brought many women to the center.  With a lot of family support and knowledgeable staff sharing the same desire to provide midwifery model of care Best Start Birth Center evolved and is now established as an important level of care for San Diego families.

Compared to usual maternity programs Best Start’s midwifes know women’s bodies and physiology is strong enough to successfully complete a natural labor.  Evidence backs this and the midwifery model of care is founded on this. Interventions and the reliance on technology can interfere with normal physiology resulting in the rising maternal morbidity and mortality crisis that is now occurring.  While some women have health conditions or challenging labors that require interventions in the hospital, most do not.


Best Start is the longest established, first state-licensed, nationally accredited, free standing birth center in Southern California. That means we are not part of a hospital or HMO. It is a private practice operated by midwives, committed to preserving physiologic birth. We refer clients for physician if needed, but the physicians do not practice in the birth center. Midwives attend all of the births in the birth center.

Childbirth is memorable and beautiful event in family life.  Natural, physiologic birth is good for mothers and babies.  Best Start knows the value of having a birth that is centered on the wishes and needs of the mother and her dear ones.  Listening to women and providing the type of care they request allows the physiology of birth to freely cascade and create a healthy event for both short and long term.  Babies are born into the arms of their mother with her chosen people sharing the moment. Evidence proves what mothers have requested for so long—early skin to skin contact, delayed cord clamping and bonding with the parents produces healthier babies who grow to be healthier children.


Best Start provides prenatal care, birth, recovery and postpartum care, well-woman care, and contraceptives for our clients. Our birth center has comfortably decorated private birth suites with private attached bathrooms. Best Start features large tubs for water births, essential oils- diffused into the air, or massaged onto the skin. Birthing balls, birthing stools, and other items that provide comfort and allow the laboring woman to find a position that is most suitable for her during her labor and delivery. We also work with our moms to find doula support, (for those who seek this), and other therapeutic resources which aid relaxation and emotional balance, relieve stress, and promote effective labor. Women who are essentially healthy and are pregnant at term (37 to 42 weeks) with a single baby (one fetus) lying head down can give birth in the center.

Women who are not pregnant, or beyond childbearing age can also receive gynecology care in the midwifery model.  All services that are provided in a

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