Our birth experience at Best Start was incredible. We never knew how beautiful birthing our son could have been until it was happening. It is something we will always cherish and one of the best decisions we have ever made. When we transferred to Best Start, the first thing we noticed was how much more attentive the staff were compared to the care we have been receiving from the OB doctor, prior to Best Start. Not that she wasn’t a good doctor, the midwives at Best Start were just much more interested in our birth and gave the care a more personal touch. We were listened to and reassured when needed. All of our questions were regarded as important. From our first visit to delivering, we had only positive experiences. My water broke at 9PM the night before and he was born healthy and happy the next afternoon. He didn’t even cry. His eyes were wide open and so intense when my husband handed him to me. Yes, the midwives let him catch our son. Such a moving experience for both of us. I had a hard labor because our son was posterior but they helped me through it. At one point, I wanted to transfer for an epidural. I was even supported in this decision. They never made me feel like I was giving up. They just supported me, plain and simple. It was my husband that said NO to the transfer and I’m soooo glad he did! 15 minutes from this request, our son was born. I have heard the “transition” stage is the hardest and it was! I had originally wanted a water birth but when I was in labor, I needed to pace to handle the contractions. Sitting in the tub was uncomfortable. Bottom line, a hospital would never have let me do any of the things that the supportive staff at Best Start did. They allowed my labor to unfold naturally and just supported me through it. We didn’t have any complications. The entire experience was wonderful. The staff was accommodating and felt like family. Our son was born in my husbands arms, weighing 8lbs. 3oz. The three of us were able to take a loooong nap after until we were ready to go home. It was in a room much like our bedroom at home. So comfy and inviting. A magical experience that brings tears to my eyes recounting it.

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