Donovan’s Birth

What a beautiful evening this day was and still is alive in my heart each time I lay eyes upon Donovan. Arriving at the birth center I remember entering through the door and into a womb all my own. Awaiting my husband and I was the loving presence of Ruth. Having birthed my first child in a hospital and my two other children at home I came into this experience with no expectations other than the experience of birth itself. Birthing Donovan at the birthing center was the most loving, caring, patient and trusting experience I have had thus far surrounding birthing my babies. From the moment I arrived Ruth’s presence surrounded me with a loving care and trust that touches deep within a mother’s heart and soul. She allowed me to rest and just flow with the waves of labor as they came and went. Being in the birthing center truly felt like I was the one in the arms of the great mother. When I spoke either with words or with body language I was understood on all levels of being. Relaxing in the water against my love, my husband, I was able to fall into laughter and totally surrender as I entered the focus of birthing forth our son. Ruth’s loving motherly voice led me through the birth and gave my husband and my eight year old son the security a faith that all was well and all was as it should be, beautiful and powerful. Seeing and feeling my husband’s unstoppable tears flow endlessly as he fist layed eyes on his son and feel in love just added to the sacredness and beauty of it all. The love and care that Ruth & Kathleen so generously and effortlessly gave to me, the baby and my husband was beyond heart warming. Kathleen was so attentive and loving with us as we rose from the water back to the realm of gravity as we stayed our last few hours in the ultimate mother’s womb of the birth center. It is was and continues to be such a beautiful gift of birthing at Best Start Birth Center. Of all the environments I have had to honor to birth in this was the most sacred and caring environment I have been in.. A experience and memory I will cherish always in all ways.

Thank you so much Ruth & Kathleen. Thank you so much to the other beautiful midwives who gave me my prenatal care, all the wonderful kind staff & Thank you Lora for your home visit that was full of smiles, great laughter and a shared love of family.

With Love, Gratitude & The Deepest Respect


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