Every Mom Deserves a Doula

Every Mom Deserves a Doula! Best Start Birth Center has partnered with the Birth Education Center of San Diego http://www.birtheducationcenter.com/ to provide affordable doulas for our moms. We want every Best Start mom to be able to have a doula present at her birth. To achieve this we have been blessed with amazing doulas willing to reduce their costs for Best Start moms. This cost is $300 and includes so much!

Low Cost Doula Program…. Because Every Mom Deserves a Doula!

  • With the Affordable Doula Program, parents get to interview and select the doula that is right for them!
  • If parents hire a low-cost doula, they’re guaranteed to have support during their birth.  Parents and low-cost doulas begin working together during pregnancy and get to meet multiple times before labor begins. This means that everyone is already comfortable with one another when birthing day comes, something that tends to make the birth go more smoothly.
  • A low cost doula is there to help the parents through early labor and aid them in deciding when to go in to the birth center. This means fewer “too soon” trips to the birth center – a plus for laboring families and birth center staff alike!
  • A low cost doula remains part of the family’s support system after the baby is born and will follow up with the family during their postpartum visit.
  • A low-cost doula offers personalized and continuous support that spans from pregnancy through the postpartum period.

Note: for moms who are unable to afford to hire a low cost doula, Volunteer doulas may be available but cannot be guaranteed.

Please speak to the midwives and be sure to get a flyer on the Low Cost Doula Program.

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