Giving Thanks! Freestanding Birth Centers- Bridges to Improved Healthcare

As we approach Thanksgiving, we reflect on how honored we are to be able to provide a space for gentle, dignified birth. As a small family business, we acknowledge the valued services Best Start Birth Center brings to the community is due to our devoted staff and natural birth community partners with which we collaborate.

At Best Start Birth Center, our midwives utilize the midwifery model of care and freestanding birth center model. This freestanding birth center model is compactly and innovatively organized to improve the health of moms and babies. Hospitals have inherent difficulty doing this due to sheer size of the facility and the many intricate layers of staffing. Bridging the midwifery/birth center model of care into the overall medical system ensures a safe, healthy, humanizing, and cost-effective model of healthcare.

Best Start Birth Center was a model birth center in the CMS Strong Start Initiative. Outcomes of this study provided evidence of Midwife led birth centers as institutions of high value, evidence-based care. While significantly reducing preterm births (50% reduction) and cesarean births (300% reduction) when compared to national averages for hospital care.

Freestanding Birth Centers not only provide health outcomes but also economic outcomes that are a huge value to the healthcare system. It is estimated that preventing 10,000 cesarean births will save $4.35 million in facility fees alone. Furthermore, reduction of preterm births and NICU admissions per 10,000 births accounts for another $24.25 million saved. And midwife led freestanding birth centers are given high marks by women who utilize them.

Best Start Birth Center is committed to improving the birthing experience for our clients, their families, and contributing to the overall healthcare system, with both short and long-term improved outcomes. We are grateful and honored to be part of this amazing journey. Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for you all.  

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