Isaiah, Alexis, Fairest-Oliviér (9/25/16) & Matthias (5/29/19)

The BEST Start OPTION: Our family is better off because of the quality of care we received at Best Start Birth Center. When my husband and I learned we were pregnant with our first child we quickly realized we needed to determine what our birth plan would consist of from start to finish. Generally we are informed consumers of healthcare and it has become our custom to consider alternatives to the conventional practice of medicine when it seems advantageous. With that frame of mind we researched the pros and cons of giving birth naturally outside of a hospital setting vs the hospital setting. The research we discovered was in favor of seeking care from midwives for the purpose of having a natural birth experience which was deemed to be safer and more effective. Personally as I contemplated more about it I felt deep within that I had everything I would need including courage, strength and physical ability to carry out this natural act of giving birth without intervention. With that notion we pursued the birth center route. When we moved to San Diego in 2016 we were already 4 months pregnant and came across Best Start Birth Center. Our very first visit proved to be successful. We were surprised to learn that our insurance would cover the services in full and that our care could begin right away with no referral needed. At each appointment we felt the love the Midwives have for what they do and we felt personally cared for as if we were the only family in their care. Not once did we feel marginalized because of our ethnicity or socioeconomic status. As a result we were able to maintain full confidence in our health care providers at the center. This was a stark difference from other care we’ve received within other healthcare settings. It was always magical to me how the birth center never felt overpopulated at any given time which added to the benefits of a relaxed environment for one receiving care. From the beginning we knew we made the right choice and trusted our partners in health throughout our birth journey. The CNM’s were knowledgeable in their practice and competent in their care. We were given tools via Best Start class offerings and more that empowered us along the way to remain hands on as first time soon to be parents in having our birth our way. We made it to the finish line and successfully delivered our first born daughter naturally with no interventions in the water at the birth center with our Midwife and doula by our side. We walked away healthy and satisfied. Two years later when we found out we were pregnant again we knew what the best option was and without hesitation we began prenatal care with Best Start birth center. We can say two times now that in our experience birth centers deliver the best care and birth results for Moms and babies. We have welcomed a healthy girl and most recent this year a healthy boy into this world. I can say without a doubt that our success was a result of the unparalleled support Best Start birth center and it’s qualified staff provides. They are truly our partners in bringing forth life!

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