July 2023

Giving birth is one of the most monumental experiences an individual can have. A great deal of care and research should be done to ensure the birthing person and family are aware of all the options they have and what care would be the best fit for their situation. Best Start Birth Center prides itself in offering a calm, home-like experience attended by a team of experienced midwives.


Trust between clients and care providers is an essential component in an out-of-hospital care setting to facilitate a safe and rewarding birth for all parties.  We trust our clients to provide accurate information about their health and our clients trust us to provide them with safe, appropriate choices along their journeys, in return.  The advice given by our midwifery team for clients is to help ensure that the care team is staying withing the boundaries of natural, normal, and safe.  Following this advice allows us to care for our clients in the safest manner possible.


As you meet our midwifery team during your pregnancy you will get to know our midwives closely. During your appointments we become familiar with your wants for your birth. Your care at Best Start is a collaboration where we work together to help your baby’s birth unfold. We love helping give suggestions and ideas and the right calm, quiet environment to help your desire for an unmedicated birth possible.

The care we provide is a relationship between you and your midwives so your experiences and wants are important and highly valued.  Personal autonomy and choice are important to us, and we honor clients’ wishes as much as safely possible. There might be times during your care where what’s best and medically necessary for you and your baby feels disappointing or unexpected.  We do our best in these situations to help ensure as many of your birth wishes are still met as possible, even when transferring to a higher level of care facility is necessary.


As a nationally accredited and licensed birth center, we are held to a stringent level of standards. All of our data (like our birth outcomes, transfers, and licensure) is collected and reviewed by the Perinatal Data Resource, promising a high level of integrity and honesty in our practices.

In order to have the best birth experience, it’s necessary for you to be prepared and knowledgeable, with appropriate expectations of what out-of-hospital birth looks like. While we welcome all who

are interested, unmedicated out of hospital birth is not for everyone. It’s as much of a physical

experience as it is a mental one. Our clients with the most positive experiences are those

who take the time to prepare (through childbirth classes and conduction their own research) for the transformative experience they desire. While our bodies are made to give birth physically, it’s something to also prepare for mentally.


We also strongly suggest and advise your partners and support people be prepared for what

unmedicated birth looks like. The intensity can sometimes be off-putting for support people

when they have not experienced birth in its rawest form. When you’re in the midst of your birth, it’s

important those supporting you know what to expect and how to best help you, so they can

be an additional source of support to you.


Choosing where to give birth is a decision not to take lightly. Consider your medical, emotional,

and spiritual capacities and desires as you make the choice. Take the time to research and tour

your options. When you find the right place and team to support you during your birth, you will know. It is an honor for the team at Best Start to be part of this special time and we look forward to helping support those families who choose us. Wishing you a beautiful birth!

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