I feel like Loganʼs birth story started when I was born. My mother delivered both my older brothers vaginally. Living in a different state when pregnant with me, she end-up with a different care provider that told her she needed a c-section when she was already 8 months pregnant. She believed in her capability to birth me and she did all it was possible to have me vaginally and like that I was born! I grew up hearing all the details of my own birth story and it made me an advocate of natural birth.I had been attending Best Start Birth Center as a professional for over 3 years, I love the energy of the house and everyone that works there. When I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby, it was a no brainer to birth at Best Start.To my husband, the idea of birthing outside of a hospital, was very new. He has a son from a previous relationship and he was born via c-section. I would talk to him about birth and watch birth videos for work. Slowly I got him to be OK with the idea of having our baby at a birth center. He attended all our prenatal appointments and coped really well with my wish to keep the sex a surprise. The only thing he was adamant about was to stay out of the birthing tub! I told him as long as he was supportive, he could be anywhere in the room.I hired a doula very early in my pregnancy.

Having worked as a doula myself, I knew exactly who I wanted to support me at my birth. I chose to have a doula not only because I really believe in the work, but also I knew that was a big chance my mother would not make it to the birth, being that she lives in Brazil. She planned her trip to arrive here on July 11th, 5 days before babyʼs due date. Since itʼs common for first time moms to deliver after their due date, I kept telling her she shouldn’t arrive too early. She would only be able to stay for a month, I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t miss meeting the baby before going back home.I started feeling some cramps 2 weeks before my due date, no consistency to it, but that night I realize I had lost the “famous” mucus plug. I knew it could be awhile before baby decided to make an appearance, so I tried to stay calm. I felt nothing for a few days. On the night of July 3rd I felt some major contractions, I really thought baby was coming,but after a few hours the contractions went away. Once again, I kept myself calm even though I knew it was getting closer but I had no way of knowing when, I guess baby did not want to share his birthday with America!

On my following prenatal appointment I decided to ask if the midwife thought it would be ok for me to pick up my mom at the LAX airport that same week. She said as long I was not the one driving and had no other signs of labor, I should be OK.I felt nothing for the next few days and I was so excited for my motherʼs arrival, in my head, she would be able to attend the birth after all. The night of July 10th, I spoke to my mom as she was boarding in Rio de Janeiro. “I will see you soon”, I told her. Little did I know, baby was thinking the same! Not even 30 minutes later, I started feeling contractions. I decided to time them because they were feeling pretty consistent now.They were 10 minutes apart. I went in my bathtub, I wanted to see if contractions would stick around this time and they did. I told my husband: “Baby is coming” followed by“Who is picking up my mom from the airport?!” lol I texted my doula to let her know labor had started and tried to rest in between contractions in bed. It was now 3:30am and the contractions became more intense, enough to ask my husband to call the midwife. My contractions were not yet 5 minutes apart and the midwife thought was best for me to continue to labor at home. I went back to the bathtub and only then we called our doula to meet us at the house. As my doula is on her way and less than 2 hours since we last spoke to the midwife, I just look at my husband and with a strong certainty I told him: “I feel like I have to push! Call the midwife.” He was concerned because my contractions were not 5 minutes apart and he was afraid the midwife was going to tell us to stay home once again. He called and she told us to come in. My doula arrived at our home as we were getting ready to go to the Birthing Center. My only thought as my husband drove was: “I hope Iʼm at least 5cm”. I kept repeating that in my head. I didnʼt want to have to go back home…

We arrive at the Birth Center at 6:26am, I remember because I was staring at the clock when my husband was parking. Shari greet us with a big smile and all I could do was nod my head. She checked me and there I was, 9cm plus 2, I cried! I was so happy, I knew it was only a matter of time before meeting my baby. We go to our room, my water breaks while Iʼm in the bathroom, the pressure becomes even greater, I felt baby coming. My husband and my doula helped me to the tub where a few minutes later and practically no pushing our baby was born, 7:19am. Itʼs a boy! I laughed, I cried, I was high, I was so happy!Logan was born with 7lbs 5oz, 21inches. I had all these ideas about my birth experience and what happened EXCEEDED by far my expectations. My husband was also so happy, he loved the experience, especially when he was only the second person to hold Logan right after me.One of our best friends picked-up my mom from the airport and by the time she arrived in San Diego we were long home with our brand new baby boy. The support of my husband, doula, family and friends was amazing. The care at Best Start Birth Center was truly the best. Thank you so much, we will be forever grateful.

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