Both my boys were born at Best Start Birth Center by midwives, naturally. I first gave birth at Best Start Birth Center about two years ago which went really well. I left with such an extremely positive birth experience. With my second pregnancy, I was a little fearful that my second birthing experience would not be as ideal as the first. However, it was just as wonderful!

I went into labor early in the morning and labored throughout the day using the exercise ball, walking outside and eventually in the bath tub. When it was time to start pushing, I was able to have my son in the bath tub (which I was unable to do with my first son because there was meconium when my water broke). The entire experience went more smoothly then we could have hoped. It was neat that both my sons were born in the same room!

My husband and I have been thoroughly pleased with, the births of our two sons, as well as with all the midwives and nurses throughout my pregnancies and labors. The kindness and experience of all of the staff members positively contributed to our wonderful experiences. We have been so grateful for our opportunities to have our two healthy sons at Best Start.

Joseph – born March 9, 2006 8lbs 10oz
Jacob – born December 13, 2007 7lbs

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