On the morning of December 22nd I woke up and felt a contraction, different then the Braxton-Hicks I had been expecting, because it was my lower back. Being my third pregnancy I recognized it as a “real” labor contraction. I tried to go about my day ignoring them as long as possible. I finished up some Christmas shopping, played monopoly with my older daughter, etc. At about 12:30 I could not ignore them any longer. So I told my parents who were visiting that I was leaving to “take care of some things.” They knew instantly I was in labor. I called the midwife on call, which was Roberta, and we planned to meet at 1:45 at the birth center. It was raining hard that day. My husband and I drove around waiting for 1:45 to go in. When I went in Roberta check me and I was 3-4 cm with a bulging water sac. The contractions had progressed to 3-5 minutes apart. We checked into the birth room, the same room where I had delivery my two other daughters ( Meling & Maggie). Roberta offers that she could break my membrane and it would be an okay thing to do, I was in favor of this because I knew I was progress things factor. So she did and I instantly was 5-6 cm. From that point I was standing at the end of the bed through each contraction with my husband massaging my lower back through the contractions. After about 30-40 minutes of these intense contractions. I was now about 9 cm. My husband recommended that I get on all four (hands and knees) because it was how I delivered my last daughter. I couldn’t recall so I took his recommendation. After about 3-5 heavy pushes she was born, Molly Noel. I was pretty relaxed after and laid with her on my chest. After about an hour I was ready to shower and go home. My parents, sister and daughters came to have dinner with us and meet Molly after four hours we went home and it has been baby bliss ever since.

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