My 2 Birth Experiences at Best Start

I have 3 children, one born at a local hospital, 2 born at Best Start Birth Center. I knew after birthing my first at a hospital that I never wanted to go back. And I’m terribly happy I found Best Start! I found midwives who treated me as a person, not a disease, who answered every question I had, listened to my (hormonal) emotional ramblings, eased my fears about birth, and pointed me to wonderful resources when I needed it. Every midwife I have encountered there is steady, enthusiastic, and a wonderful coach.

My 2 births at Best Start were completely different experiences. The birth of my son, Hank (June 2011) was quick and joyous. I showed up at 9cm dilated and the midwife on call took one look at me and said, “I’ll get the bath started!” 45 minutes of strong contractions, pushing, and excellent coaching later, I birthed Hank. He was 9lbs. 4oz. and didn’t tear me at all. Most likely due to being in the tub, & surrounded by expert midwives who coached me through controlling my pushes. Certainly not what I got in the hospital with my first birth.

My second birth at Best Start was much slower and erratic. The midwives had told me all through my pregnancy that the third birth is a “wild card”. And they were right. I labored on and off for 2 days, finally ending up in the Center at 2am. The contractions were erratic, I was exhausted & just ready for it all to be over. The midwife on call sesnsed I wanted to be left alone with my doula while I walked around and waiting for my contractions to get stronger. Finally, after about 90 minutes of this, my midwife suggested getting in the bath and doing some gentle pushes to get me fully dilated. The second I entered the bath, my contractions weakened and got further apart. Finally, the nurse suggested I hae a tablespoon of honey since I seemed exhausted and hadn’t eaten much. 30 seconds after I swallowed that honey, the pushing contractions came on and Amy was born 20 minutes later. I know if I had been in a hospital, I could have ended up with a C-section because my labor kept stalling out. Instead, I got the med-free, intervention-free birth I wanted.

I cannot stress enough how vital a role Best Start played in my happiness both while pregnant and during labor & delivery. Not to mention the post-partum home visit! If I end up having a fourth, I know I will come back to Best Start, without question.


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