I found out I have gestational diabetes.This made my pregnancy harder than my first. Because of the Gestational Diabetes I thought for sure I couldn’t deliver here, but the staff midwives were so relaxed and positive about it. They helped my with a diet plan and exercise regiment that helped me control the diabetes. I went over my due date by a few days and was very nervous, I would be needing to be induced, but Roberta gave me some helpful advice on taking Black Cohosh and stripped the membranes and I went into labor at 2:00AM the next morning. I came straight to Best Start to get my antibiotics shoot but ended up only getting one as the labor progressed very quickly. I arrived at 4:30 AM and by 7:00 AM, my son was born in the tub, weighing 9lbs. 9oz. I only pushed for 5-10 minutes and didn’t tear at all, which is what had me scared most knowing he’d be on the larger side. Since I only got one dose of antibiotics, the baby needed blood work, but he’s fine. His water bag didn’t break until he was ready to crown, so he was fairly well protected. I had a good experience here and felt as relaxed as you can feel under the circumstances. The shorter labor was nice, but were just happy he’s here.

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