October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is also the astrological sign of Libra… the scales of balance… the bringing together of differences… stillness and inner wisdom. This is a good time to honor women by honoring the feminine energy of stillness and inner focus as a path to health and healing. And to honor all women who are currently dealing with breast cancer or seeking to be proactive about their health. October events focused on breast cancer awareness

The Feminine nurtures and supports well-being. The world demands our participation in a constant stream of events and projects during waking hours. The Feminine dominates the night and times of rest. Ever notice that labor often starts in the middle of the night? Feminine energy usually has to be suppressed in order to perform worldly actions.

The Feminine is deeply powerful in its complete stillness. Deep wisdom abides in stillness. The balance of action and acceptance is an essence of stillness. The Feminine is eminently powerful in its lack of action. It is pure knowledge. The inherent wisdom of what foods to eat and which activities are restorative is feminine. The knowledge of disease prevention is an essence of the Feminine.

It could be said that western healthcare is more like the outer energy of “action and doing” and eastern healthcare is more inner focused. Prevention needs a balance of action and stillness as does treatment. Integrative healthcare is a balance between east and west.

It is important to strike balance. At Best Start Birth Center the art of midwifery is based on respect for the feminine energy and the balance of eastern and western medicine. Annual Well Woman exams and preventive healthcare utilize western and eastern medicine. An integrative balance that each woman can use as she desires.

The visits are private and comfortable. Women can bring friends and family or not. The midwives know how to listen with respect and most women’s healthcare issues can be addressed completely by the midwife. In the rare instance that referral to a specialist is needed the midwife will facilitate this. It is our goal at Best Start Birth Center to honor each client with the care that suits her best. Honoring the Feminine to heal and promote wellness.Roberta Frank, CNM

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