Please Share Your Birth Stories With Us if you Transferred to a Hospital!

Please Share Your Birth Stories… If you transferred to a hospital, the attorneys of Legal Advocates for Birth Options and Rights (LABOR) are asking women who have experienced a transfer to the hospital after a planned home birth or birth center birth to please share their stories so that we may use them in support of our research, public education, and advocacy efforts.

We will be sharing these statements with hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff, as well as with legislators and policy makers, in order to raise awareness about the institutional barriers facing women who plan an out-of-hospital birth. Our goal is to develop effective solutions to ensure that all pregnant and laboring women experience respectful continuity of care, regardless of birth setting. We are looking for stories that shed light on the range of experiences women have in transferring to the hospital from home or a birth center, including the positive as well as the negative.

Attached is a declaration form that we are asking participants to use to ensure that their experiences may not be dismissed as made-up or exaggerated “stories.” To this end, we cannot honor requests for anonymity. We do, however, hope that you are inspired to step forward and make your voice heard.

Please fill out the attached form and email it to us at

You may also direct questions to the above email address.

May thanks for your support of this project!

-LABOR is a community of attorneys whose mission is to develop the legal tools and policies necessary to uphold the rights of pregnant and laboring women and to secure access to the full range of birth options for all women

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