Positive Pregnancy Pledge

Is someone in your family or circle of friends expecting a baby? Well congratulations! You are surrounded by a miracle in the making. A positive pregnancy creates a pathway to a positive birth. With so much going on in our lives we sometimes forget that our number one priority is taking care of ourselves first so we can take better care of others. This is especially important for pregnant women! A positive outlook and frame of mind, is essential during pregnancy. Pregnant mamas are very sensitive not only with regard to what surrounds them physically but also emotionally and mentally as well. Do you wonder what you can do to help them through this amazing life event? Try this pledge to keep a positive approach and promote well being around you….Even if they do not notice, your energy will not be wasted, for your well being will be effected positively!… I Pledge To: Talk health, happiness, The Positive Pregnancy Pledge by CNM Rosanne Gephart.

Read some amazing birth stories and positive pregnancy experiences from past Best Start clients: /topics/birthstories/. If you are a past Best Start client and have a positive pregnancy experience and birth story you want to share, please email me: kroslie@beststartbirthcenter.com. And even if you do not have a story to share but want to reach out, we want to hear from you!

Women need the support of our loved ones, partners and, a supportive medical team, (including highly valued physicians that honor a woman’s right to natural birth but know how to act quickly when their skills are needed). Best Start is committed to healthy pregnancies and birth for all women and their families. Lest we forget, Ina May will forever remind us that women know what is best for our bodies and our babies, and midwives are the experts in the realm of natural birth. http://www.themidwifeplan.com/2013/top-ten-ina-may-gaskin-quotes/

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