Birth of baby Quinn:

In 2011 our son Noah was born at Best Start and it was a beautiful and amazing birth that changed our lives. So when we found out we were pregnant again there was no doubt in our mind that we would be returning to Best Start. We had been planning and looking forward to another water birth but I was starting to get a little worried when my due date came and went and I was not feeling at all close to going into labor. I had an appointment with Susan at 40 weeks 5 days and she reassured me that my baby girl would come when she was ready and everything would be fine. I was trying so hard to trust my baby and my body but I couldn’t help but worry about getting to 42 weeks and having to go to the hospital. 2 days later, on October 8th, just when I was feeling that my little girl was too cozy to come out, I felt a few good strong contractions and knew that very soon I would be holding my little girl. It was around 11:30 that night when I told my husband, Alan, that I was feeling some strong contractions and thought that this was it. We decided to give it 30 or 45 minutes to see if the contractions kept coming and then we called Best Start. Sherri was the midwife on that night and after talking we decided that I would stay comfortable at home and call back when I felt ready to come in. I sent Alan to the store to buy some flowers. I really wanted flowers in the water and around the tub for her birth. We had been buying flowers since I was 38 weeks pregnant because I thought she was going to be born early. Alan went to the store to see what kind of flowers he could find at 11:45 on a Tuesday night. While he was gone I got a few last minute things ready and breathed through contractions. I remember standing in the kitchen after a contraction and thinking to myself, wow she is really coming, she is gonna be here so soon! The contractions were getting stronger and closer together so I called my mom to come and stay with Noah and we called Sherri back and agreed to meet at Best Start at 2:15. I decided to take a quick shower and try to relax before the car ride over. A little after 2:00 I snuck in Noah’s room and gave him a hug and kiss while he slept and then we were off to Best Start to have our baby. In the car I definitely felt the contractions getting very strong and my instincts and the experience of Noah’s birth made me think that I was almost completely dilated and would be ready to start pushing very soon. We arrived at Best Start at 2:25 and Susan and Erina started to check me in. It took a while because we kept stopping every time a contraction would come so I could stand and sway and breathe through them. I remember Alan rubbing my back and Sherri and Erina reminding me to breath deep and keep my sounds low and deep. Even with the intensity of the contractions I just remember feeling so at home and so happy and relieved to be birthing at Best Start again. As we started to head to the room upstairs I felt the urge to push and really wanted to get into the tub. Sherri and Erina filled the tub and Alan and our amazing doula, Care, set up candles and flowers. As I got into the tub I reached down and I could feel my baby’s head and it all seemed to be happening so fast. It took me three hours to push Noah out and I didn’t know if it would take that long again. I tried to relax and regroup before the next contraction. Care was reassuring me and reminding me to breath long slow and deep; she was holding my hand and pouring water down my back. A contraction came and I could feel her head moving down, when it ended I looked at Alan and squeezed his hand and waited for the next contraction. The next one came and I took a deep breath and pushed and the next thing I knew I felt her little head pop out and Erina and Alan reached down to catch her. She came out in one single push and I think we were all a little surprised. It was so fast and surreal but it was an absolutely beautiful and amazing moment that I will never forget. Quinn Devlin was born at 3:05 on October 9th, after 3.5 hours of labor and only 45 minutes at Best Start. I held her to my chest and kissed her head and held her little hand and cried. There is absolutely nothing in this world like birthing your baby naturally. Nothing compares to being fully present and aware for that miraculous moment when you feel your baby coming out and you hold them and bring them to your chest. It is so empowering and amazing to see what your body is capable of and you just feel so strong and proud and confident and so very connected and in love with your baby. Having a baby changes your life and how you birth your baby changes your life too. I cannot thank Best Start enough for two amazing births that have certainly changed my life.

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