Surprise! It’s a boy! I went to the birth center when my contractions were 4 minutes apart, 1min long lasting for one hour. At this time, I was only 2 cms dilated, so I was advised to go home. Instead my son’s father (birth coach), birth support team, and I had a strenuous walk in the soft sand of mission beach. This was a very efficient time for my body, as my contractions significantly increased in the intensity during this time my birth coach called BSBC and described my demeanor and contractions. We were invited back to the birth center. We arrived at 7:30am. I was now 4 cm dilated and much more serious about labor. I tired out the shower for a short while, but decided the tub would be more comfortable for me. While in the tub, I tired really hard to relax and let go loud, low-pitched moans during contractions. This turned into very piercing; screeching noises mixed in with other much necessary coping mechanisms. I briefly got out of the tub so that my water could be broken. Once this was complete, I immediately returned to the tub.

After 27 minutes of an intense pushing stage, I delivered my baby at 10:30am in the squatting position into the water. Adrian, intern, caught my baby from behind and handed him forward to his father, whom then lifted the baby from the water and placed him into my chest. This was the most exhilarating moment of my life! I laid back in the tub embracing my baby, chest to chest. At this point I thought that my baby was a girl (as informed by a dr. I was previously receiving care from). The Best Start crew could see that my expectations of giving birth to a girl would not actually come to fruition. However they didn’t ruin the surprise for me and the father. I was told to,” lift my baby up and take a good look”. Upon doing so I saw some unexpected anatomy. SURPRISE!! It’s a Boy!

I was allowed to go home shortly afterward. I felt great and was so lucky to take a nap with my son that afternoon in my own bed!! The recovery was amazing. My body bounced back and I had energy in no time. My son was alert and healthy. I’m so glad I had a natural birth. I couldn’t imagine giving birth any place other than BSBC, just the way nature intended!!

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