Thank You!

Best Start would like to give thanks for our amazing clients, staff, and community. As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we are filled with gratitude for the people who support our mission to ensure all people have access to birth their way.

When we have the honor of helping you welcome the newest and smallest members of your family, we also are welcoming you to our Best Start family. We had the pleasure of watching clients become first time parents this year and also excitedly welcomed back familiar faces as their families grew. Our community has grown.

We couldn’t do it without our network of devoted, passionate staff. Our midwives, support staff, and volunteers all make up a community we are proud to call ours. A community of genuine, supportive people who are all passionate about helping our clients have amazing birth experiences. That is truly what community birth is all about—family.

We are thankful for the community of birth workers we collaborate with throughout San Diego and beyond. When our community is strong, our outcomes are even stronger, which means that we can carry out our mission in the fullest sense. A stronger collaborative community means more focus on what’s important: getting the best outcomes for moms and babies.

As we continue to support our clients and grow, we will continue to prioritize the need for more collaboration and integration in perinatal care. Strengthening and standardizing the collection process of data regarding perinatal outcomes would allow for significant improvements at systemic and individual levels.

Integrated data sharing would provide helpful insight for childbearing people, perinatal providers (both in hospitals and in the community birth settings) and policy makers. Higher quality data allows for a more accurate representation of outcomes across birth settings, so pregnant people can make informed decisions about their care and providers can make improvements where the data reveals shortcomings. Additionally, the improvement of this data collection could provide more evidence to insurance companies of the immense value of birthcenter care, on a cost-analysis level, which has the potential of expanding access to care to more birthing people.

So to our community, thank you. Each and every one of you. From our clients, to our staff, to the providers we collaborate with. We are grateful to have grown such an amazing community and welcome continued development, growth, and collaboration.

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