My husband and I are so grateful for Best Start Birth Center! Having had two prior births at hospital, I felt that it was a fight to: a) have a natural delivery (by this I mean, no drugs AND no unnecessary medical interventions), and b) have a calm environment to give birth in (not feel like I was part of a birth assembly line). Best Start was our answer! This was my third and BEST delivery. Not only was the water birth an amazing experience, but the midwives and staff made all the prenatal and delivery care so personal and friendly. They made me feel like I was their only patient.

My husband was a bit skeptical at first- he had the usual questions: what if something happens and myself or the baby needs a doctor? How come you go home so fast? Etc. But after my prenatal appointments, we were both confident in our decision and do not have any regrets. Our son was born April 28th, 2013. I had a water birth and I am so grateful for that beautiful experience. He was born only an hour after we arrived at Best Start, and being able to stay in the room and just hold him, hold him, nurse him and relax without feeling pressured to move into another room was SO much more enjoyable. It felt like we were at home. My husband and I felt like having the two hour skin to skin time and leaving the umbilical cord attached until it was finished pulsing gave our son a jumpstart to a healthy life… these are the things I was never able to have at a hospital birth.

Not only was the prenatal care and birth a great experience, but I felt incredible after the birth. My recovery was so minimal and fast. I felt like myself pretty much right away. It was so nice to have the nurse come to our house to check on our baby two days later- to not have to leave home was a HUGE bonus! Also, coming in for one week post pardon was another positive. Just having that reassurance that both myself and our baby are doing great made me more relax in general.

Anyone that is even just considering an alternative hospital birth should come and see what Best Start is all about. I would HIGHLY recommend them. My only regret is that I did not know about Best Start for my other two previous births. Even though we have decided to keep our family to just three kids, I’m tempted to have another one just to have the wonderful experience all over again. Thank You Best Start!

Travis and Argia

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