Awesome birth experience at Best Start

We came in at 9:00pm on Saturday 2-2-08 and to my surprise I was 10cm dilated. With a bulging water bag, we were able to . I was happy we had the first room and we set up our worship music by Chris Tomlin and a nice candle. I wanted to get in the shower because my body was sore. We were waiting for the water bag to break on its own. We did lunges and squats and we began to pray. My mom and best friend were in the labor room to assist. I was able to eat, move and relax. We were able to wait on the Lord Jesus to wait for the water bag to break on its own and Vicente Koa Dollete Conquering Warrior’s head popped the water bag and at 12:24 he came out. Praise to the Lord. We had an awesome birth experience with Roberta and Christina. Thank You.

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